Towering over all other humanoid races are the Skrifa, standing around 8-9 feet tall. Often sporting thick, coarse hair with colors ranging from black to red, much like Dwarves. Many Skrifa typically males, though females may as well, sport horns atop their head of varying sizes.

Both Dwarves and Skrifa hold a strong racial distaste for each other, due in large part to their conflicts dating back to their creation. Skrifa live almost exclusively among the Kharbola Mountains and further north, having been driven out of other areas.

The Skrifa are a dying race, with about 90% of children being stillborn. This combined with already dwindling populations from other factors has led most to believe that the species is doomed to extinction.

Outside of Tunwic most people only encounter Skrifa who have taken up a life of wandering, often as hardboots, where their great size makes them highly prized. Skrifa are fierce combatants with the strength and fortitude of many men.


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